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They say it takes a village to raise a family. Welcome to your village.

Welcome to Your Village

Hey, we know this parenting thing is H-A-R-D. We’re a team of parents who gets it, but knows it becomes a whole lot easier when you have a crew of coaches and experts in your corner. That’s what we’re all about. We’re glad you’re here. 

Totally free to join, with recipes, bonus podcast content, fresh daily articles, and real coaches and experts ready to help.  

Coach-Guided Support, Whenever You Need it

Shouldn't every parent have a trusted confidant, a sounding board, an emotional support, and a guide? That's our mission with YES Coaching, our coach-guided transformational program designed to break the exhausting cycle of modern parenting and support parents in a new paradigm for family mental and emotional wellness. 

Together, we're taking on generational cycles of trauma; physical environments that keep us tired and sick; and social environments that keep us isolated and overwhelmed. If you're an exhausted parent just getting by: you're not alone, it's not your fault, and there's a better way. 

Backed by an expert team of clinical psychologists, researchers, therapists, dietitians, and professional health coaches, this program is designed for parents who are ready for change. This is a journey for the knowledge-seekers, self-healers, paradigm-shifters, and cycle-breakers committed to thriving against the odds.

Forget Google

The Family Thrive expert team is made of doctors, dietitians, therapists, PhD researchers, and psychologists who are also parents just like you. Everyday, we bring you trusted, cutting edge science on family health and wellness, delivered through the perspective of real parents.

The Family Thrive app is all about delivering simple strategies in fast and actionable bites that parents can use right away. Each week, we have tons of bite-size fresh articles, audio and video clips, infographics, and expert Q & As that fit the pace of busy parents' lives. And when you're ready to dive deeper, we also have expert-led workshops on the topics that matter most.

What Matters Most

Our expert content focuses on the health and wellness topics that are at the heart of family thriving: what we feed our kids, how we nurture our mental & emotional health, how we sleep and move, and the ways we build loving, supportive relationships. It's all right here, straight from the top experts.

What you get for free when you join the Yes Collective app: 

  • Exclusive articles, guides, reviews, videos, podcasts, live on-line events, and conversations about family thriving you can’t find anywhere else
  • All of our recipe library plus new weekly recipes
  • Our podcast library plus bonus show notes and transcripts
  • Your own team of experts in our subscriber-only Expert Q&A Group to help you make better, more well-informed decisions about the things that are most important to you and your family
  • Deep dive masterclasses on the family wellness topics that matter most, self-paced so you can take your time

What you get when you join YES Coaching: 

  • Your own personal coach, with you as a confidant, a sounding board, and an emotional support
  • Tangible progress in physical, mental, and emotional wellness as you learn what matters most to you and how to make sustainable changes in your life
  • Greater clarity about who you are as a parent, a partner, and a person through powerful guided exercises and live practice sessions
  • Less triggered and more emotionally resilient as a parent through expert-designed, coach-guided learning sessions
  • Learn how to build authentic and loving boundaries as a parent and a partner by practicing communication skills designed by relationship experts
  • Know exactly how to show up for your kids and loved ones as you practice the YES approach with your coach, learn how to nurture compassion for all parts of you, and open up to the wisdom and courage of your best self

This community is so much more...

Not only does your joining The Family Thrive community make us all better, but here's the icing on top: The Family Thrive is a Public Benefit Corporation that exclusively supports MaxLove Project, a non-profit dedicated to improving the quality of life for families affected by childhood cancer. Thank you for being here and spreading the love!

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